Listed below are some of the learning resources which I’ve gone through so far and consider valuable.

Web Development


Learn to Code HTML & CSS (free)
Develop & Style a complete Website from scratch. Awesome resource for beginners.
Intro to HTML and CSS (free)
Does not only focus on language syntax but rather teaches you to think & build like a front-end developer.
CSS Flexbox Tutorial (free)
Get introduced into the core concepts of flexbox and apply those creating UI elements, such as nav-bars and grid-displays.


Head First JavaScript Programming (paid)
A Brain-Friendly Guide to JavaScript. Perfectly fitted for absolute beginners.

Version Control

How to Use Git and GitHub (free)
Very detailed resource for getting comfortable with Git and how to leverage GitHub in a collaborative environment.

Digital Marketing

Digital Workshop with Google (free)
Get a sound overview of the Digital Marketing realm and a certificate free of charge! Made by Google.