Day 104

At the beginning of the week, I first incorporated Bootstrap 4 into my Portfolio Page project, since I was further encouraged to use it by the Udacity course I wrote about last week, only to remove it again soon after. Read more

Day 97

The time at the Chingu-Iguanas cohort is almost over and I’m about to join a new cohort to learn more about the Back-End. However, I’m currently still working on some of my own Front-End projects, like overhauling my Portfolio Page, after I got some theoretical input from another Udacity course: Intro to HTML & CSS. Read more

Day 90

A lot has happened since my last blog post and I have to apologize for not keeping you in the loop, but I’ve been pretty busy. As I wrote in my last post I joined the Chingu-Iguana cohort recently and already met a lot of amazing people. Read more