About this blog

Everything began with a simple coding challenge I’ve read about in an article on Medium. As one of the criteria of active participation required to share your daily progress and thoughts, I asked myself why not setting up a blog so that other people could also comment on my posts and leave feedback. Since I didn’t want to worry too much about design or behavior at that early stage, I set up an account on Blogger.com and started out writing. But since it’s relatively cumbersome to customize Blogger I was looking for something better suited soon after. I still didn’t want to use a CMS like WordPress and eventually came across Jekyll. It took a while to pick up the basics at first, but now I’m more than happy with it. You can easily host your Jekyll website or blog on GitHub for free, write your posts in Markdown, it’s super-fast, and most importantly you retain full control over your project’s code.

My posts all revolve around my journey becoming a self-taught Digital Marketer and Front-End Developer. However, I’d like to not only share my weekly progress but also provide some heads up about pitfalls I encounter along the way, write more in-depth articles describing how I did certain things and list some excellent resources that helped me a lot. Feel free to get in touch anytime!

My personal ambition is being able to combine the best of the two worlds: understand the technical requirements to create compelling user experiences as well as add value through creative digital marketing strategies.

I firmly believe that both skills are becoming more and more essential in the years to come and company demand for competent employees is going to rise. Being further able to transform the massive amount of information on the internet into actionable knowledge turns out to be a core competency as well. Unfortunately, traditional higher educational institutions aren’t responding fast enough to meet the expectations of this ever-changing environment. That’s why I decided to teach myself and not only gain knowledge by consuming information but rather collaboratively work on real-world projects with like-minded people around the globe.