Day 125

Besides the new opportunities from the projects there has been quite some development.

To gain more practice and further enhance my digital marketing skills beyond this blog, I’ve accepted to work on CHINGUs overall digital marketing strategy. I firmly believe that CHINGU has the potential to positively impact how people are learning in today’s ever-changing environment, providing numerous possibilities to grow, connect and apply.

CHINGU project:

I’ve been using Trello to set up a scheme for CHINGU quite extensively during the last couple of days. It’s been challenging to get a profound overview of what CHINGU defines and what pieces hold everything together. I was impressed to see how diverse CHINGU has already become, not only due to the efforts of its founder but also because of the relentless ambition of its members to create and shape. The board on Trello is by far not complete yet, but I believe it’s best just to begin somewhere and adapt as you go. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m glad for this fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as well.

Although we’ve come up with plenty of ideas on how to make CHINGU more valuable for its members as well as how to increase our popularity on the web, we need to find a way to prioritize those ideas. Moreover, we need to figure out how to adequately measure progress to keep us accountable and allocate resources where they have the greatest effect on our goals. I’ll be more concrete soon. Stay tuned! project:

Surprisingly we finished the Product Landing Page for a fictional online bicycle store rather fast. We only used simple HTML and vanilla CSS for this project (and a smidgen of jQuery). Furthermore, we already moved to our next adventure: building a simple Facebook clone for CHINGUS to use, which we simply named CHINGUbook [I know it’s not very creative, but it’ll do for now ;)]. We haven’t decided much on the functionality yet, but at least people shall be able to create a profile, log in and connect with others. Unlike our first project, this will require us also to work on the Back-End and create some handlers to take care of all those requests the said features demand. Since neither one of us has much experience in building RESTful applications we need to get some input first, which probably is going to take a while. Luckily, there are countless of great resources on the internet to educate us and plenty of helpful people at CHINGU.

That’s it for the week. Hope to see you guys again next time!

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