Day 118

Unfortunately, this week was much like the last, and I had even less time to continue working on my projects. However, here are a few points worth mentioning:

Blog project:

After including Google Analytics into the blog, I had to find a way to stop tracking my visits adversely affecting my stats since I don’t have much traffic yet. I found an excellent resource suggesting different ways to handle the issue. I went with the simplest by installing a browser extension in Chrome called Block Yourself from Analytics which works perfectly fine for me.

Additionally, I had to add some CSS classes using flexbox to style and align images in my posts correctly. Instead of applying those classes to regular <div> tags I made use of the more semantically correct <figure> as well as <figcaption> HTML tags. Writing semantically correct HTML not only helps screen readers for visually impaired people but also search engines to better understand your sites’ content, which may lead to a higher rank on the SERPs and thus more visitors. Here’s a more detailed article on this subject.

Besides, I read about em and rem length-sizes, when to use them and how to combine them best. project:

In the meantime, the teams have been set up and I already had the chance to meet my CHINGU companion for the next couple of weeks. After a short brainstorming session, we decided to focus on some of the new FreeCodeCamp Front-End projects and started working on a Product Landing page for a fictional online bicycle store. It’s still early on, but I might present you some screenshots of our work next week.

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