Day 111

The week wasn’t exactly as productive as I planned it to be. You probably all know it too well, sometimes lives just interferes and you get a little distracted.

However, earlier this week I continued working on my Portfolio Page. The header is complete, and the navbar is functioning properly. Even the navigation links are stacking on top of each other now if the viewport shrinks below 480px. There are still some elements left for improvement, but I’ll focus on finishing the main parts first before taking care of the details.

Screenshot > 480px
Desktop view
Screenshot <= 480px
Mobile view

To figure out if someone is reading this blog at all and where you might come from I’ve installed Google Analytics. There isn’t much traffic yet, but my hope is that eventually, at least a few people find this blog somewhat useful or entertaining (tough I’m not a good entertainer ;) ). Connecting Google Analytics with your Jekyll site is straight-forward. Just follow these simple instructions.

Additionally, I’ve deployed a tool called Disqus enabling you to finally leave a comment or some general feedback under each blog post. Yay! This short walkthrough will show you how to set it up yourself.

Maybe you noticed that I have a custom domain now. Even though the blog is still hosted on GitHub, it now displays the URL you see above instead of the regular Pretty awesome, right? :) GitHub has a detailed section on how to get your custom domain, but I found another excellent resource on YouTube which worked perfectly fine for me. I’d suggest you compare a few domain name registrars before deciding which one to go with. In my case, turned out to offer the most for the money. A note of caution: if you are hosting your blog on GitHub in a project repository and use Liquid to link to your assets make sure you update the baseurl in your _config.yml after you’ve created the CNAME file. Setting the value to an empty string (“”) should do the trick.

Besides, I’ve written a summary of what this blog is all about and what you can expect in the weeks to come if you’ve decided to follow along (which I hope you did).

Another point worth mentioning is that I set up a new private channel #digital-marketing on Chingu-Central (the main slack team room for all Chingus) and instantly found a bunch of people who share my passion for the subject. I’m looking forward to working on some neat projects together.

Last but not least, I joined a new Chingu cohort (Team “Walrus”) and already registered for a project, which this time hasn’t a predetermined objective but is rather devised by the developer team. I’m not sure where this will lead, but I’ll keep an open mind!

That’s it for the week. Have a pleasant Sunday and feel free to leave a comment below!

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